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Dear Hotelgiftcard Visitor,

Thank you for visiting this page. We understand why you might want to visit.

We consider it logical that before making a purchase, our customers want to be informed about how we process their data.

You may also have got in touch with us in another way, such as via our customer service, for example, and are interested in how we process your personal information.

Purpose of data processing and our processing partners:

Processing your booking

When you book accommodation through us, we require certain personal data in order to provide you with our service and process your booking.

This includes yourname, email address, postal address and telephone number.

We also involve a website builder, a hosting provider and a bookings partner in this.

They have access to the personal data that you share with us when you complete a booking.

This is why we insist that their security is of a high standard.

We make agreements about the personal data we share with them.

As we work with bookings, we consider it important for both parties that we are able to reach you if questions arise.

This is why we ask for a telephone number.


When you get in touch with our customer service, we process the personal data contained your email.


We save your email address for sending out newsletters.

As a consumer, you only receive newsletters after giving your explicit agreement to do so.

Several times a year, we send our business customers emails containing special offers and information about new products.

We do this as direct marketing as laid down in GDPR (47).

When we do this, we always weigh up different interests as this regulation requires.

Retention period

As a standard, the personal data which we process in the framework of delivery remains in our digital systems for one year.

After a two-week period from the date of the booking, order information is stored exclusively in a database with a higher security regime.

We store email correspondence with our customer service for six months.


We secure this information both digitally and physically.

Your booking and contact with us takes place via a secured connection.

Together with our hosting provider and web administrator, the monitoring of the security of our websites and your data forms a daily part of our work duties.

In the event of a data breach, we will follow all appropriate procedures.

We have instituted an internal security protocol for this.


We use functional, analytical and marketing cookies on our website.

Cookies are small files which are stored on your hard drive and which store information about your surfing habits.

This allows us to see which browser you are using and therefore to display the website optimally.

We also place a functional cookie to track the products in your shopping cart.

Furthermore, we use analytical cookies to register traffic on our website.

These let us know if you are a returning visitor.

This enables us to improve the website and our service.

Before placing analytical and marketing cookies, we request your consent through our cookie management system.

Marketing cookies are checked by default.

At any moment during your visit to our website, you can remove the cookies via your browser settings.

Right to be forgotten

You can always request the deletion or alteration of your data or access to it.

We will comply with this in all cases, unless it is forbidden by statutory regulation.

If you have particular questions about our privacy policy, please get in touch with our customer service and ask for the privacy officer.

Dutch Data Protection Authority

We would, of course, be happy to help you further if you have complaints about the processing of personal data.

Under privacy regulations you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority regarding the processing of your personal data.

You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this purpose. BV

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